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Special Education Clinic and Legal Advocacy Fund

Assisting families and school teams to collaborate for better outcomes.

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An Unfortunate Reality

Unfortunately, due to the COVID learning environment, children with disabilities did not receive the services needed to be successful, and did not receive an appropriate or inclusive education.  This has led to students with disabilities falling substantially behind, and families are at a loss as to how to get appropriate future needs met, as well as getting “make up” services for the lost COVID time.


One example is our friend Sam. 


Sam’s mom was told that her son would not be allowed to continue to attend his current middle school, and that a change in placement would happen in the next few weeks. Sam’s school district has had difficulty in providing the necessary support to his teachers to follow his individualized education program, which leads to Sam not having the support he needs to be successful.  Now, despite his parent’s objections, he is being forced to attend a segregated school where only children with disabilities attend, and academics are not a priority. Sam's parents' only recourse is to hire a lawyer and advocate for their son to be able to attend his public school with his friends.


Sadly, Sam's story is not unique.


MoDE Foundation has been able to offer support and funding to help keep Sam in his home school with proper supports.

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We are here to help

Learn more about the Special Education Clinic or the Legal Advocacy Grant by clicking below:

Helping Hand

Need Help/Resources?

There are many ways to get professional help with special education needs.  Click a link below to learn about mediation, advocates and attorneys that can help your child, or to apply for a grant.

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