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Our mission is to empower those with disabilities through grassroots advocacy and by promoting inclusivity.

MoDE Foundation
We are a team with various abilities and disabilities. We work at both state and local levels to help all people reach their potential. We are parents, providers, engaged citizens, and friends. We are involved with various advocacy efforts, from statewide policy changes to community awareness.

We welcome individuals, businesses, and organizations to be part of the MoDE Foundation Coalition.

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MoDE Foundation is excited to announce the newest project:

Special Education Legal Advocacy Fund

This fund will give families a chance to get help from a professional advocate or attorney when navigating special education issues.  Oftentimes, parents need someone with special education expertise to assist families and school teams to collaborate for better outcomes.        

Flat MoDE Kids are joining Conner Flatt on a cross-country bike ride with Journey of Hope. Follow along on this 3,663 mile adventure, beginning June 17 and ending August 14. We will be sharing photos and updates. Learn more about Conner's bike journey and how it impacts individuals with disabilities. 



MoDE Foundation's purpose is to empower individuals with disabilities and promote inclusivity through grants. Our goal is to have a variety of grants meeting a variety of needs.

Upcoming Events

Networking and raising money to support our grants are vital to the work of MoDE Foundation. Find out more about upcoming fundraisers and events.


Please consider donating to MoDE Foundation and supporting our efforts to empower individuals with disabilities and to promote inclusion in our communities.

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Navigating Our Site

This site features the work of MoDE Foundation. MoDE Foundation's advocacy priorities include education about current disability issues in Missouri, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for non-legislative policies and practices related to disabilities. Learn more about MoDE Foundation by reading its Vision and Values and History. Find out how you can get involved with MoDE Foundation's work by joining the coalition.

We have done our best to make this site accessible to all individuals. If you have trouble accessing parts of the site, please contact us so we can fix it.

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