Our History

Missouri Disability Empowerment (MoDE) was created in June 2018, by a team of parents and professionals who wanted to promote inclusion in their community and throughout Missouri through grassroots advocacy. As they planned their advocacy efforts, they realized that a charitable component of MoDE would be necessary to help people and communities throughout the state get the services and programs needed to fulfill the mission of MoDE. MoDE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was formed in October 2018. 

Board room table with computer and hands visible

By the end June 2019, MoDE had grown into more than its creators originally envisioned. They realized that to better focus on their legislative efforts, they needed to shift their advocacy projects over to MoDE Foundation, freeing up MoDE to do legislative work. Bylaws were amended, turning MoDE Foundation into a disability advocacy coalition, in addition to grant making. MoDE Foundation now invites advocates throughout the state to join their efforts of empowering individuals with disabilities through grassroots advocacy and by promoting inclusivity.