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SEPTAs in Missouri

What is a SEPTA?
SEPTAs are Special Education Parent Teacher Associations. Families who have children with special needs often seek out opportunities to meet other parents in similar circumstances. Special Education Parent Teacher Associations (SEPTAs) provide this opportunity and often bring together families of students who attend different schools in a district under one PTA umbrella. SEPTAs provides families and educators with an organized structure, resources and the opportunity to network with others, educate themselves, share resources, and to be a collective voice for their student and for all students.

Where are SEPTAs in Missouri?
In 2018, Columbia and Hannibal formed SEPTAs, followed quickly by Jefferson City. The Columbia SEPTA (CoMO SEPTA) has a great website.

MoDE Foundation would like to see more SEPTAs in Missouri. We believe that SEPTAs form a great network of parents throughout the state whose children receive special education services. We hope to work alongside SEPTAs as together we advocate for improved special education policies within schools. 

If you are interested in starting a SEPTA in your school district and would like help getting started, contact us and we can help. The Missouri PTA is obviously the ultimate resource on starting a SEPTA, as MOPTA will be able to authorize one in your area, but we are willing to give your tips from our experiences of starting a SEPTA.  Also, grants may be available to help you start a SEPTA in your community.

If you have already started a SEPTA in your community, let us know. We'd love to add you to the list.

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