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Next Special Education Station: March 4, 2023


MoDE Foundation began with six moms sitting around a table dreaming of a better future for their children with disabilities. We believe people with disabilities have a right to quality work and living experiences, and this begins with inclusive education and communities.


Unfortunately, kids with disabilities in Missouri are not yet receiving full access to the education services they need to succeed. And the challenges of the pandemic have pushed them farther behind. Families of children in special education are struggling to find support or to know what options are available. MoDE Foundation is here to help.


Could you help too? When you give to MoDE Foundation, YOU will provide free support to families and fund grants for families who need a professional advocate or lawyer to get appropriate services and placements for their children.


If you share our belief that kids with disabilities deserve access to quality education, you can donate by clicking here.

We are parents, providers, family members, engaged citizens, and friends of varying abilities with a focus on disability issues that really matter!  This includes YOU!

Navigating Our Site

This site features the work of MoDE Foundation. MoDE Foundation's advocacy priorities include education about current disability issues in Missouri, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for non-legislative policies and practices related to disabilities. Learn more about MoDE Foundation by reading its Vision and Values and History. Find out how you can get involved with MoDE Foundation's work by joining the coalition.

We have done our best to make this site accessible to all individuals. If you have trouble accessing parts of the site, please contact us so we can fix it.

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