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We have compiled a variety of online activities and resources for families to use over the next few weeks while school is out. We are simply sharing sites and hope they will help. We have not had a chance to look through every page of every site, so if you find something concerning, let us know. We will do our best to keep this list updated. Please email us with your favorite educational sites. 

Just a reminder--as great as these sites are, some of the best learning happens by playing and reading with our children. Take advantage of this time to play board games, do puzzles, create an obstacle course, or just take a nap together. This will help your child as he or she deals with the transition to being home all day.

What is coronavirus?

Speech and Language Activities

  • Pocket Preschool - YouTube channel with videos with nursery rhymes, phonics, and other language rich activities

  • Signing Time - YouTube channel that promotes both spoken and sign-language development

  • Mommy Speech Therapy -  While this isn't an online game, there are a variety of worksheets and activities that you can do with your children.

  • Carol's Speech & Language Disorders Homepage - Links to lots of activities that you can do with your children to promote speech and language

Physical Activities

  • GoNoodle -  movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts

  • Fitness & Fluency - Incorporate learning and movement. Fitness and Fluency is offering a 21-day free membership.

  • Cosmic Yoga - YouTube channel with yoga videos for children (There is even a Frozen themed video.) 

Reading & Writing

  • Scholastic Learn at Home - Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing

  • Storyline Online - Watch and listen to children's books read aloud by actors

  • Elementari - Writing and coding program that is currently free for educators and parents

  • Poptropica - Virtual world for kids to travel and play games. Kids can also read books, comics, and see movie clips while they play.

  • Epic - Digital library geared for kids 12 & under; a 30 day membership is free but teachers can sign-up for free and invite their students to enjoy a free membership for an extended period

  • Scratch - Create stories, games, and animations

  • Time for Kids - A collection of relevant non-fiction articles at various reading levels; some articles include videos and an audio option

  • Scholastic Story Starters - Students can create a story (K-6th)

  • ReadWorks - Reading comprehension program for K-12th grade

  • Hoopla - If you have a library card to your local public library, there is a good chance you can access Hoopla for free. Check out books, audiobooks, CDs, movies, and more. 


Science & History

  • BrainPOP - For full access, there is a membership fee. Each day they have one free video with activities available to watch. 

  • Mystery Science - K-5th grade science videos and activities

  • Crash Course Kids - YouTube videos that have a series of fun educational history and science lessons

  • Crash Course - Middle and high school level Crash Course videos; topics include anatomy, government, physics, & more

  • National Geographic Kids - Lots of games and videos related to our world

  • The Magic School Bus - This is on Scholastic's site, but it is too good to not share. Lots of experiments and coloring sheets based on the books and cartoon. (The cartoon series is on Netflix.)

  • NASA Kids' Club - Site for "kids" of all ages; provides an abundance of information, images, and interesting things to do on astronomy and the space sciences

  • Youngzine - Online magazine with articles about science and current events

  • Smithsonian For Kids - Online games and activities related to science and history

  • Simple History - YouTube channel with short history videos

Art & Music

Multiple Subjects Sites

  • ABCya! - Games and activities for K-6+ related to all the subject areas

  • Starfall - Activities and games for preK-3rd grade related to all the subject areas

  • Khan Academy - Engaging lessons in core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math

  • HippoCampus - Educational videos related to 13 subjects geared for middle through college students

  • Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool - While for most families this is a temporary transition to home learning, this homeschool site has great activities and links for all ages. 

  • Usborne Links - Learn more about a variety of topics from world religions to creative writing to numbers and coding.


  • PBS Kids - Educational and recreational games and videos for kids

  • Nick Jr - Educational and recreational games for early learning

  • Seussville - Educational games and activities based on the works of Dr. Seuss

  • Break-Out Edu - "Fun-at-Home" games which incorporate learning

  • Ed Helper - Not a website with games for students, but daily free activity books to print off for your children. Workbooks are for preschool through 6th grade students.

  • FunBrain - Games, videos, and books for all ages

  • Turtle Diary - Games, videos, quizzes, and more for preK-5th grade

  • DuoLingo - Learn a new language

  • Virtual Field Trips - Visit the zoo, go to Mars, and check out the Great Wall of China without leaving your home

  • Typing Games Zone - Improve typing skills while playing fun games

  • Tying Club - learn to type

  • Typing/Computing - learn to type and use the computer (Thanks to our friend, Dakota, for suggesting this site.)

  • Code Academy - Learn the basics in coding

  • TedEd - Variety of videos for upper elementary through high school students

  • Educational Netflix Shows - The Homeschool Hideout has put together a list of 150+ educational shows available on Netflix. 

  • Educational YouTube Shows - The Homeschool Hideout also has a list of links to 150+ educational videos on YouTube.

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